Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pull Strings Like Gepetto

Yesterday I came across a video a very powerful video. This video was featured on one of my personal favorite blog sites and I feel like my audience needs to watch this video as well. 

I've read books, articles, and seen several documentaries about the topic at hand but I want to share this video with yall because it speaks volumes.

This video is sad but yet true. We focus on "Turnin Up" so much that we forget about this large picture (Loaded Lux v)

Sit back and pay attention.....

Willie Lynch letter "The Making of a Slave"

To read more about Willie Lynch and the making of a slave

Here's another eye opening video 
Written by Rell Mac (@Rell_Mac)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday

With March 9th right around the corner, majority of the hip hop heads know what artist today's Throwback song is from.

Christopher "Frank White" Wallace

Not only with March 9th just a couple days away. Rick Ross released a song titled "Nobody" which is a remake of BIG's song "You're Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)"

Enjoy your Throwback Thursday song

Notorious BIG "You're Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)"

May 21st, 1972 - March 9th, 1997
Written by Rell Mac (@Rell_Mac) 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Follow back or we aint friends...

The power of the "Follow" button is more dangerous than you think. In today's society it dictates if we're really friends.
So not true my nigga

You ever been minding your business and get one of these mentions "You gon follow back or nah (side eye emoji)" and it leaves you looking at your phone like....
It happens everyday in the mean streets of Twitter my nigga. 

Or how about this. You ever have someone follow you, unfollow you, then follow you again? Have you thinking "My nigga I seen it the first time, I just aint following back" 

I've unfollowed some of my close friends via twitter and Instagram. Not because we're not friends anymore, simply because I don't care for the nonsense you post.

These social media outlets are great tools for networking, marketing, and entertainment. I personally choose the people I follow for different reasons. Some people are creative with the 140 characters they're giving and makes twitter entertaining, others I follow to network with and possibly do business with in the future.

So when one of your high school classmates who you haven't seen or heard from since after prom choose to follow you they automatically think you have to follow back. NO MY NIGGA I DONT. When you don't follow back they think "you're fake" "you've changed" or simply "you're no longer friends with them" Not the case at all. Why can't it be because you're not entertaining enough or you haven't earned a follow back.
Let me give you an example

You can be on twitter roughly 2 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now that's 14 hours a week, and within those 14 hours you see the same person getting RT'd onto your timeline and you think he/she is entertaining. You might follow that person. Now is that person required to follow you back, no because you haven't earned that follow back.

Earn your followers

If you're the funny person on twitter/IG be the funniest person you can be to entertain your followers. If you're the positive message person, be the most positive motivational person you can be. You can't assume just because I've seen you around the way and we spoke that I'm obligated to follow back.

Stop taking this "Follow me back" shit personal. You can be the best person in the world and go to church every Sunday. Your post are about church and you always post the word. If I'm on twitter/Instagram for ratchet entertainment purposes I'm not going to follow you back because I'm not here for that.

Stop letting that "follow" button dictate if we're friends or not. It's never that real my nigga.

But keep it real my niggas if a cute girl start following you, you follow back fast as fuck. Won't let that opportunity slip thru your hands, NOPE!  

Written by Rell Mac (@Rell_Mac)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Welcome back.....

With Rick Ross releasing his sixth studio album next Tuesday March 4th, its only right today's Throwback Thursday song comes from the M.I Yayo rapper.
Rick Ross "Luxury Tax" feat Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, and Trick Daddy

Written by Rell Mac (@Rell_Mac)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fellas, your girl secretly hates your friends

Fellas you ever tell your girl your going to wing night with your friends? 

Here's how the conversation may go

Her: "Hey babe, what you got planned later?"
You: "Shit me and the fellas might go to (insert local bar) for wing night
Her: "Ohhhhhh what time?"
You: "Idk probably like 7:30-8 ish"
Her: "Can you be back by 11, so I don't have to sleep alone?"
You: "Yea....."

So after you stroll in the house drunk at 1:30am on a Tuesday she wake up the following morning pissed at you and hating your friends. Don't get me wrong she loves your friends when y'all all decide to go out and grab a few drinks all together. They're the best then, she starts to use the slang and lingo y'all all use to fit in and be cool. When it's just you and your friends and she hears "fun" in the background she hates it and she hates your friends.
In her mind she's the only one who can bring joy and excitement into your life. When you're out with your friends in her mind she's thinking "Da fuck is so fun? They probably with some bitches out drinking" Don't front ladies that's how yall think.

Meanwhile it's you and 4 of your partners out drinking, slandering each other, watching the Heat vs Pacers game, and flirting with the coke head bartender so y'all can those happy hour specials an hour longer.  And fellas you know your girl secretly hates your friends, that's why we walk in the restroom when she calls. You can't let her hear niggas laughing and having a good time.
Or how about this, you're sitting on the couch minding your business bullshitting on your phone. You come across a funny post one of your friends post and start laughing, she instantly gets pissed. "Fuck you over there smiling and laughing at?" You must be entertaining your little Instagram bitches" Is something your girl will say. That's when you have to explain to her and breakdown why you're laughing. You'll say something like "Maine (Short for Jermaine) posted some funny shit on IG, here look" by this time it's too late. It's no longer funny, and it's not funny because she didn't see it first. If she had seen the post first it would have been a knee slapper.

Meanwhile fellas we encourage our girls to go out with her friends but they never do because those bitches are never on good terms. One is always broke and/or can't find a babysitter. One never has any clothes and the friend with the nice clothes is tired of lending her shit. So because she doesn't have friends guess what my nigga YOU CANT HAVE FRIENDS. Or if you do have a lil crew she hates those muthafuckas to the core. So every time you tell her you and the crew about to go out and do something, you could be helping a nigga move out his apt. She'll still be pissed. Always remember she's gonna be pissed and upset because she hates those filthy niggas you call friends.

She hates your single friends because she thinks you're living vicariously thru them. So in her mind you're out chasing bitches when in reality you're playing 2K with a $50 bet on the line. You're out here gambling trying to scramble some of your money back because she wanna be Quintab when yall go to the movies talking about "He got moneyyyyyyyyy"

Your girl hates your friends in relationships too. She hates them because she only sees the nice things he does. Seeing them out on dates at Capital Grille and first thing your girl says is "Why you never take me to Capital Grille?" Your boys girl post pics on IG of Edible Arrangements and its not her birthday or Valentine's Day, oh you gon hear about that shit when you get home my nigga. 

It's a lose, lose situation fellas, she hates all your friends there's no getting around it. So enjoy those wings and shots of Patron during wing night, it'll make you fall asleep faster when she's giving you an ear beating. 

Written by Rell Mac @Rell_Mac  

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Welcome back to Throwback Thursday

Today's Throwback song goes back to the early 2000's.

This sound was featured on a DJ Clue mixtape so all my Clue/Hip Hop heads would know this song for sure.

All this song needed was a remix feature from Fabolous and/or Nelly.....that's all

Billy Bathgate

Enjoy your Throwback Thursday song today....have a great weekend

Billy Bathgate "Bump That" (Editied version)

Billy Bathgate "F*ck That"
Written by Rell Mac (@Rell_Mac)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Alright Alright...PowdeRrrrrr

Welcome back to First Class Blogs
So 2014 is here ladies and gents and that means gyms will be packed until Mid February, niggas made New Year Resolutions they know they couldn't keep, and no more "Control" responses.....Thank you Based God

Today blog is about a breathe of fresh air in the music world, something different, someone sticking to their roots and their culture. 

That would be Troy Ave 

I am not here to force music onto people but I believe Troy Ave is the new face of New York City and East Coast rap. I personally became a Troy Ave fan after listening to BIMB3 (Bricks In My Backpack 3) and since then, its been nothing but dope music. 

Question to my audience:

Does Troy Ave deserve to be apart of the Freshman Cover or will he be overshadowed by the Southern and West Coast upcoming artist?

Even better question

Does the general public care for an East Coast artist that sounds like an East Coast artist? 

Sure the East Coast has artist such as French and A$AP Rocky but they do not sound like they're from New York. Sure the average rap fans are loyal to Jay Z and Fabolous but would they care to hear lyrics and hooks from someone other than them? 
Troy has been putting in lots of work over the years and has been building his resume. From having features with well respected MC's such as Fabolous, Pusha T, Styles P, and Prodigy. Troy has even worked up the ranks and has a mixtape hosted by Mr. Thanksgiving himself DJ Drama. Let's not forget he's an indie artist with an Adidas deal

So I ask the same questions....

Does he deserve to apart of the Freshman Cover this year?

and Does the general public care for an East Coast artist and sounds like an East Coast artist?

I personally say yes to both questions, all long as the music is good, region shouldn't matter. But let's not forget there's always politics even in rap.

Check out and support his album "New York City" https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/new-york-city/id736930643

Troy Ave "Hot Out" 

Troy Ave "Cigar Smoke" 

Written by Rell Mac (@Rell_Mac)