Monday, March 12, 2012

The Gay Rapper

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It's all cool, welcome to Monday's blog everyone where some of the blogs are funny and some are made to spark a debate.

Over the weekend I was trying to think of topics that will have my readers thinking and possibly look at things different. I was chillin over my homie @gritscapone crib drinking and we started to talk about music (Like we always do). Then I asked him how he would react to a rapper openly admitting he was gay. He gave his answer and we continued to chill, drink, and bullshit like we always do. I've always read articles and heard that most of the rap community is on the low, and there's a good chance your favorite male rapper is gay. Now in no way do I have anything against the gay and lesbian community but with rap and the hip-hop culture as a whole being anti gay. How would you react to an openly gay rapper?

Would you support a gay rapper?

With the current wave hip-hop is going and the direction the current rappers are taking it, it's cool to be who you are. It's ok for a rapper to say "I'm not a street dude, I just want to make music" and that's fine, don't be anything you aren't. In today's music world the listeners accept Rick Ross being a C.O before he became a rapper, and he still sells out shows and people still buy his albums. In today's music world the listeners are ok with Lil Wayne kissing Baby in the mouth and people still buy his albums and go to his shows. Giving another Wayne example, to the general public it was ok for Wayne to wear women's leggings and women's Uggs. The reason it's ok is because if Wayne comes and does a show in your city right now you will go. So if it's cool for a rapper to be himself, is it cool for him to be an openly gay rapper?

I bet some of you would care and some of you wouldn't. Some would say "As long as he makes great music and his albums are dope, I don't care", while others are simply saying "I won't support a gay rapper." If a gay rapper can rap his ass off (no pun intended) would you still support and buy his album? This is a question you honestly have to ask yourself because you have white rappers openly saying "nigga" the only thing left is having a gay rapper?

Has hip-hop gotten to the point where it's cool to be who you really are?

You have people such as Lil B who titled his first solo album "I'm Gay (I'm Happy)" which raised discussions and made a few people judge, but people still "cook" and listen to his music. Lil B still gets booked for shows and his currently making money. Now you might not be a fan of Lil B because of the the content in which he chooses to rap about (I personally think some songs are fucking Hee Larry Us) but that's just my opinion. He calls himself "A pretty bitch" and no one cares, they just laugh at him. Also you have hip-hop terms such as "Pause" and "No Homo" which proves that hip-hop is very anti gay, will there be a point and time where those terms won't be used?

Some of you are probably saying "I wouldn't become a fan of a gay rapper" and hey you do as you feel. But what if your favorite rapper that you've been a fan of for years comes out the closet tomorrow? Would that make you stop liking and loving the music that you always cared for. For example, I'm going to use Jay-Z because he's a very popular and highly respected rapper. If HOV were to come out the closet tomorrow and admit he's gay, would that make you change your mind on "Reasonable Doubt" and "The Blueprint?" Would you no longer like the songs you grew up listening to and would you no longer support Shawn Carter?

These are just a few questions I wanted to ask and get everyone's view on things. Follow @Rell_Mac and please @ me and tell me what you think. I would love everyone's opinion on this subject so please share your thoughts.

Will hip-hop ever accept and support an openly gay rapper?

Written by Rell Mac (@Rell_Mac) 

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